Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1K Celebration Day 1 "The Photog"

WOW. I'm not sure where to begin.. I think a simple THANK YOU is best suited for this celebration! I am so thrilled, overwhelmed and thankful for each and every one of you! I am now OVER 1000 fans on my Facebook Page!!! I never dreamed in a million years that I would have so many friends in so little time!

I have never "hosted" a giveaway before so this is very new and really FUN for me to get to work with some old business pals and many newbies to celebrate and share with YOU!

Today is the first day of my THREE day celebration. I love that I have so many different types of people who "like" my page BUT many of your are either the photographer, the mother or the crocheter, or a combination! So I want to celebrate YOU!:)

We are going to start with "The Photog" today:) Besides celebrating YOU, I wanted to make this celebration as simple as possible to enter. There will be ONE winner for EACH day. So one person will win "The Photog" package, one person will win "The Mommy" Package and one person will win "The Hooker" Package, BUT you can enter to win ALL THREE!:)

**So Lets gets to it! Here is what you must do!**

1. "Like" each of the vendors

2. Leave some LOVE on their page with somewhere in your post
"@" Truly Unique Crochet
(this is so I will be tagged on the vendors page THUS qualifying you in the celebration)

3. Leave a comment on THIS blog post, telling me you liked the vendors and gave them each some LOVE!:) IF for some reason you cannot "tag" (@) my page..
 just tell me on your blog post:)

And here are all the fantastic vendors!!!!:)



If you are new to me, I specialize in crocheting photo props, hats, headbands, blankets, etc. I recently opened My Etsy Shop, so I'm giving one of you a $35 Credit !


Rachel Brenke Photography

Rachel is am amazing photographer and I will be attending her next workshop to learn how to use my camera in manual mode (HOOT HOOT!) She is graciously donating a $50 Workshop Gift Certificate to ANY of her workshops!!!!


Kristen Charles Photography

Kristen does wonderful photography, but also specialized in logos, posing guides, marketing, etc. She is kindly giving away A Guide Of Your Choice! ($50 value)


Sky Pixel Design is giving a $60 Gift Voucher. They are a creative place for photographers specializing in quality custom and premade logos, watermarking, branding, facebook tabs etc.


Creme De La Baby

 Angela is the creator of some super sweet upcycled hats and headbands! I LOVE her style and I know you will too! She is giving away THIS  Upcycled White Sweater Teddy Hat ($24.50 value) to the lucky winner!


If you are a photographer.. you NEED one of these! Happy Acres Farm has such a wide variety of completely crazy, fun and unique animals/creatures, you will surely capture a millions smiles! They are giving away a Lens Bling of your choice ($19-$21 value).


Mixed Bag Designs

Have you heard of Mixed Bags Designs?? I first came to learn about them through my daughter's preschool. Mixed Bags has a truly awesome fundraising program if you are interested! I purchase quite a few and am ADDICTED so I knew I wanted YOU to have some! I use them everywhere. First of all they are "Eco Fabulous Reusable Bags." When I say bags, I mean shoppers, totes, duffles, cosmetic, travel, garment, coolers, lunch bags, etc. They have EVERYTHING and boy are they durable!  They are giving away a
$75 Gift Certificate.... I'm so jealous :P


Here is the list of vendors again for ease of "liking"

Rachel Brenke Photography
Kristen Charles Photography
Pixel Skye Design
Creme De La Baby
Happy Acres Farm
Mixed Bag Designs

I wish ALL of you could win! This package is so amazing, thank you all so
 much for all of your love and unconditional support! AND A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE AMAZING VENDORS!!!!
All three winners will be announced after the third and final day of celebration.
You have 24 hours to claim your prizes or else someone else will be chosen!
{xoxo, Meg}


Crystal Prahl said...

I think I might be the first to show each of your venders love! Thank you for such a fun and great giveaway! :)

S.Kelly Photography said...

Like the Creme De La Baby Hat and her page too. Love all the stuff you have for your give away.

Angela McNaul said...

I entered and am praying I win that logo design!!

{baby boom} photography said...

I've liked, LOVED and am now leaving a comment!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

{baby boom} photography | Nicole Ogden

Jaime D. said...

I've liked them all! I'm hoping to win this as a gift for my totally awesome photographer! She makes my products look great!
jaimeddesigns at hotmail.com

Melanie Briggs said...

I entered, liked all of the pages and showed some love

Amy Thies said...

I've liked them all!! Come on lucky day!!!

Amy Thies

Jodi said...

All done liking and loving!! Thanks!!

Catherine said...

I have liked them all and commented. I am so excited about this giveaway!
catherineoanderson at gmail dot com

Angela Orr said...

Thanks for the fab giveaway! "Liked" and left love for the generous vendors. xoxox!

Erin said...

Liked them all! Congrats on reaching 1000 :)

Heather said...

Loved all of the vendors! Thanks for offering such a great package!

Anonymous said...

Mandy Rau

Loved all the vendors! Thanks for offering the giveaway!!! :)

Kristi Bernot said...

I liked all the vendors (half of them I was already fans of). Thanks for putting this together, and introducing me to the other vendors :) Yay for 1000! :D

Thanked each of them and tagged you as well on each. :)


Monica Suter said...

Liked and showed love to all vendors:)

Anonymous said...

i like you and all the other amazing vendors and left some LOVE <3

brittany cummings

Delora Cannette said...

I "liked" them all!!! BUT I love everyone of them!! Great giveaway & congrats on hitting 1000!

Christy said...

I have liked and left <3 on all the pages.

The Davis Family said...

I love this giveaway! Great products. I "liked" all of the vendors and thanked them all for sponsoring your giveaway! :D

Kristin Miller Davis
(my name on Facebook)

Katie Powell said...

I liked all the vedors!

Anonymous said...

"liked" each of the amazing vendors and "love" them!
Michelle Renee

Anonymous said...

I liked all of the vendors and left them all a comment on their pages!! Thanks so much for having the giveaway!!

Laci Kent

Anonymous said...

Happy to have liked all of the vendors!

Thanks for the giveaway and sharing new vendors!!

Micki Pomije

Donnisha said...

I liked all the vendors and posted love on each page, thanks for the giveaway

Jennifer Larrabee said...

I liked everyone, and posted with a thank you and link to your giveaway - thanks for hosting such an incredible contest! :)

Ashlee Rose said...

I have liked everyone, and showed love on each page :D Thank you bunches!!!

Ashlee Rose-Wallace

Anonymous said...

Liked all the vendors and thanked them.

Luciana Viramontes

Jenn said...

I liked all the pages and left love on all of their pages. I am just drooling over the logo designs! What an awesome giveaway!! Thanks for letting me enter. bensmama06@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Alena Bejenarou

Liked all vendors and left lots of love!
Thank you for amazing giveaway!

Creative Process Photography said...

Congrats for hitting 1000 and thanks for this great giveaway! Your vendors are awesome! I liked and loved every one of them!Thank you again! <3

Anonymous said...

Liked all the vendors and left some love! :)

Anonymous said...

Amy jayne email is ajbg3895@aol.com
Amy Girdley Hoemeke... sorry :)

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