Sunday, March 6, 2011


So it has been about two weeks since my last post (shh...) BUT my life has been a little hectic, just like everyone elses I'm sure. We have had a "sick house" for the past two weeks. First me, then my little man, then my little girl... NOT my husband at all.. he is SO lucky!

I have also been crazy busy with my day job and custom crochet orders which I am ECSTATIC about, but it all seems to come at the BUSIEST time for me. Why does it have to work like that. My house is a disaster.. and we are attempting to put our house for sale in the spring which is an added stress. Meanwhile, I am trying to be the best mommy and wife I can be, but I feel a little lacking.

So as I am trying to get caught up on a Sunday night, I came across a blog post from Rita at The Coffee Shop Blog. It's titled "How I don't do it all and I'm ok with it." It was nice to know that I am just like every other mom who tries to do it all and doesn't most of the time. I think Rita said it perfectly, so I"m not going to repeat everything she says, I'll let you read it for yourself! Thank you Rita for helping me with my blog and giving me all your great ideas, actions, tutorials, etc.!

So now, I start my week with a new (much needed) outlook to do the best I can with the task at hand and I'm ok with not doing it all, all the time. Crochet wise.. I am currently lucky enough to be apart of Morgan Kervin Photography's Spring Giveaway, check it out there are a TON of vendors giving way amazing items (including me) and FOUR lucky winners will have a ton of things.. its going on right now so pay her site a visit and enter to win!


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