Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have been getting A LOT accomplished this week. So far, I have organized all my yarn/craft stuff (I don't have a special room, now instead of piling it where ever I can fit it, I actually have a shelf in my bedroom, how convenient!)

 I've created a new logo (let me know what you think!)

 I've had some help from some great fans on how to use my DSLR camera a little better and they have shared some great information (practically were my online manuals!) xoxo!

But one of my favorites is from Jaime who shared how to turn a t-shirt into YARN! HOW AWESOME is that?!?!? I don't know about you but my husband has about a BILLION t-shirt and I'm almost positive he will never know I stole a few:) I hope he doesn't miss his old superman tee, because that is the one I decided to cut up!
I have also been working on a large order for a  Jennifer, an awesome photog in Indy. I love it that she gave me some ideas on what she wanted, but wasn't specific as far a color and pretty much gave me free reign to be creative (woot woot!) I can't wait to see some pictures she takes with them!

Here are a few pictures.. one is a sneak peek of my organizational item AND a sneak peak of the products I'm using to accessorize  my beanies with PLUS I get to showcase this gorgeous picture I took with some guidance of my FB fans! and finally is my upcycled tee turned to yarn PLUS the finished product that is currently up for sale!


blubberakers said...

That is so cool I didn't know you could turn a old t-shirt into yarn lol you are getting so creative with your beanies I love them all!

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